Friday, March 21, 2008

Prepare to Battle

This is my entry for CCCOE March Challenge "Witchy Women: Heroines, Heretics and Whores". I took my inspirations from Heroines, Joan of Arch to be specific. This cross is patonce / fleur de Lis coss. The patonce/fleur de Lis cross was usually worn in the olden days of heraldry, where the participants in combat displayed their coats of arms on their shields during battle.

I had some fun and created my own coat of arms below!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

100% to Charity!!

As you may already know I give 10% of all my sale proceeds to charities, this item is extra special and ALL of it's proceeds will be donated to charity, 100% !!!

This is a long necklace, operal length (32 inches). I made it with gun metal, sardonyx, black onyx, freshwater and vintage pearls.

These stones were donated by a wonderful person, Candace, in hopes to raise money for the ASPCA,, in honor of her beloved family dog Misty.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

New Line of Transistor Earrings!

I got so many great comments about my Transistor Earrings (not to mention they all sold out) I was inspired to make more! I dug through my obsolete circuit cards and found some more really cool transistors. These are bigger then my first creation and one is even blue. Woowho! I love these earrings because they make such unique/funky jewelry, plus they help recycle computer circuit cards. Once I get all my transistors off the cards I tend to use the green boards for something in my shop!! It's a secret! Check my shop later to find out!