Friday, August 31, 2007

CCCOE - August Challenge

The California Crafter's Club of Etsy (CCCOE) is having their first challenge. The topic is TYPOGRAPHY!!! It's open to all California crafters and artists.

Voting will start Sept 4.

UPDATE: Cast you vote here in Etsy Fourms: VOTE HERE

A prize for one lucky voter will be awarded from sandysimone. We are having another challenge in September, so be sure to check back here next month!

The entries below are listed in the same order as the default Etsy search. If you want to see more pictures of an entry just click on the picture or link below the picture and you will be taken to the Etsy item listing page.


Etsy :: I Love Etsy Box

Etsy :: All Purpose Greeting Card

Etsy :: Encouragement Card - Thomas Edison Quote

Etsy :: Ransom Invites - Come to my Party, Or Else - Pack of 6 Pretty Cheap Jewelry

Etsy :: LOVE WORDS Sterling Silver and Tourmaline Necklace AUGUST CHALLENGE CCCOE

Etsy :: Congratulations Peace Crane

Etsy :: Casa

Etsy :: Philosophy Bangle Bracelets, Set of 3 Pretty Cheap Jewelry

Etsy :: JUST TYPE Original Collage 11x14 ON SALE

Etsy :: Dissapearing Bird Original Collage ON SALE

Etsy :: Her Royal Catness ACEO august challenge cccoe

Etsy :: WARDROBE REVAMP. Altered Couture. Sewing Goddess collage ARTY necklace. NEW DESIGN

Etsy :: Charred manuscript, books, words, pages Mixed Media Collage Reproduction.

Etsy :: Words of Wisdom from Hunter S. Thompson

Etsy :: Surly Eye Test Necklace

Sunday, August 26, 2007

SD Meet and Greet was a Success!!

This Saturday a bunch of artisans from Etsy meet in San Diego. It was amazing how well everyone got along! We have great little Etsy community right here in San Diego.

When I arrived home there was a treasury just wanting for me! I populated it with all the wonderful Etsy members who attended the SD Meet and Greet. Here it is:

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Snagged a Treasury!!

I managed to snag a treasury last night!! This is my geek side, enjoy!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My First Showcase Spot!!

How exciting! This is my first showcase spot on Etsy. I'm the Funky Chunky Tortoise and Brown Necklace that is in the top row, third from the right.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Something different

I thought I would try something different this time. I placed a locket on several strands of jute and wrapped them together with glass beads. What do you think? Too weird? Ok? You love it?

I of course love it. If it does not sell I will keep it for me. This is OOAK, since I can't find this locket anywhere.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Finding ton's of Etsy Blogs!

I'm finding ton's a Etsy bloggers lately. I'm adding them to my side bar. If you see my blog and want to be added just post a comment with your blog link!!

Thursday, August 16, 2007


I haven't been blogging lately, I've been super busy, traveling, working, yikes!! On top of that I'm so addicted to that it steals all my time. I know I need to leave the Etsy site but I just can not. I know I have a problem. I need to get my self one of the Etsy addict buttons. ;) I going to put a time limit on my Etsy browsing/forum posting in the future.... maybe. :)

I managed to get two Etsy showcase spots for Aug. 23th and Sept. 6th so check me out on those days!! I'm really excited. This weekend I plan on re-shooting the photos of my jewelry, some really need it. I'm also going to be creating away for the next few days to make some more jewerly for the showcase, I haven't added anything new in awhile to Etsy. I'm bad. Sorry!!

Ok, I'm off for a quick jog. See ya later